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What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

By: Sarah Knowles BA, MA - Updated: 18 Nov 2019 | comments*Discuss
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Lots of alternative therapies concentrate on the emotional side of life, claiming to be able to get rid of emotional blockages that prohibit us from making the most of ourselves and enjoying our lives to the fullest.

Now there is an alternative therapy that takes mental healing one step further. Spiritual Response Therapy claims to unblock spiritual blockages, not just emotional or psychological ones, that are preventing us from being all that we can be.

Known colloquially as SRT, it aims to work on a spiritual level – which is deeper than an emotional or purely mental one – to help us to heal ourselves.

Foundation of SRT

SRT is accomplished by working to release the "negative programming" from our spirit, programming that stop us from moving on successfully with our daily lives.

The foundation of this therapy is that our spirit is put on Earth many times, where we learn to perfect ourselves. During this process, however, we also accumulate negative energy, which can impede our growth.

Connecting to past-life issues and the spiritual realm, SRT seeks to put us back in the driving seat, as it were. It aims to take control of our future in a positive and productive way, simply by releasing us from our accumulative past.

How It Works

SRT is based with what is known as a "clearing". This is when the SRT practitioner "merges" with the patient's soul, to basically clear out any negative energies which could impede spiritual growth.

An initial clearing should take about two hours and be face-to-face, with additional clearings lasting about an hour.

Interestingly, some practitioners claim they can carry out clearings remotely – via e-mail, for example – and can even perform a clearing on someone without their knowledge.

People who have this happen to them, they say, often later acknowledge that they have suddenly felt some sort of spiritual release, although they are unaware why this has occurred.

Getting rid of this "imprinted programming", or the negative programming we carry with us from our past lives, is crucial to moving on with our current one.

Aims of SRT

Spiritual Response Therapy aims to treat a variety of conditions, apart from generally helping the soul to heal itself. It purports to be able to help you to:

  • Free yourself of phobias, addictions and compulsive behaviour patterns
  • Get rid of blocked energy, which may impede you from becoming healthy, wealthy and wise
  • Give you the ability to increase your energy, getting rid of some chronic illnesses such as M.E.
  • Give you a new lease on life as far as looking at relationships, how you fear death, and depression
  • Get rid of low self-esteem and regain your old confidence

Not for Sceptics

SRT is another type of alternative therapy that promises to help people put their past behind them and move on. With this particular technique, it's imperative that you are willing to embrace the idea of a living spirit, as well as past lives, for it to truly work.

Some people look toward SRT because it claims to concentrate on releasing people from painful memories, without having to actually dig them up and talk about them whatsoever. Proponents of other types of talking therapies, however, question whether this approach actually works long-term.

If you want to try SRT, find a practitioner with a good reputation and satisfied clients. Be sceptical of those who claim to help you via the telephone or through email, without ever meeting you in person, and those who promise you financial success after a successful clearing. While some may be genuine, others may not.

As with similar therapies that concentrate on the spiritual realm, whether this therapy will work for you depends on how much you believe it will. If you are a natural sceptic, this probably is not the best type of talking therapy for you - why not get a referral from your GP to visit a trained counsellor instead!

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As as SRT practitioner of 8 years, I’m thrilled to see an entry here on this wonderful modality. I would like to emphasise a couple of things, though. The practitioner does not “merge” with the persons soul. I’ve never heard such a thing. In fact, SRT encourages healthy energetic boundaries by removing cords between people, etc. The practitioner connects with their higher self and the higher self of the client, in oder to research and clear energies held in the client’s soul records. The other point is that SRT is absolutely just as effective over the phone. The fact that a practitioner offers it is in no way a sign that they are not being honest! In fact, the Spiritual Response Association has an active telephone helpline for people in distress. Since this modality works with every, it is in no way bound to time and space. Yes, it may be hard to conceive of for some. It is a very advanced spiritual technology and for that reason may sound futuristic / sci-fi. That dies not mean it is suspect. 20 years ago it would have been hard to believe you could walk down the street and see your mother’s face on a screen in another continent, and talk to her. But just look where we are now.
SRT practitioner - 18-Nov-19 @ 11:27 PM
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