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Natural Testicular Cancer Treatments

By: Corinna Underwood - Updated: 2 Feb 2020 | comments*Discuss
Testicular Cancer Cancer Carcinoma

Although testicular cancer is rare it is the most common cancer in men aged 15-44. Overall around 2,000 cases are diagnosed each year in the UK. The early signs of testicular cancer may include:

  • A hard lump anywhere on the testicle
  • Swelling of a testicle
  • Hardening of a testicle
  • Pain a testicle

Types of testicular cancer

There are two kinds of testicular cancer:
  • Non-seminomas and
  • Seminomas
About 1 in 3 testicular cancers are seminomas. Most of the rest are a combination of the following types.
  • Choriocarcinoma
  • Teratoma
  • Yolk sac tumours
  • Embryonal carcenoma

Risk factors

Testicular cancer is more common in:
  • Men who have an undescended testicle
  • Men with a brother or father who has had testicular cancer
  • Men with fertility problems
  • White men
  • Wealthier men
  • Men who had mumps during childhood

How Testicular Cancer is Diagnosed

Initially your doctor will make a physical examination to test to see if there is a mass present that is actually separate from the testes themselves. After that he will probably also conduct an ultrasound examination, this will confirm the presence of an mass. He may also test for particular blood serum markers, whose presence also confirms testicular cancer. However, patients presenting within the early stages of testicular cancer may not show any positive blood serum markers, so bear in mind that even if your blood serum test is negative this may not necessarily rule out the possibility that you have testicular cancer. If the doctor diagnoses the presence of a tumour, a biopsy will be preformed to remove it.

Testicular cancer may spread throughout the body by means of the blood stream or the system of lymph nodes as it advances. There after cancer may show up in the lungs, liver, bones and sometimes the brain, so it is important to see your physician immediately if you have any suspicion hat you may have testicular cancer.

Natural Cancer Treatments

Green Tea
Numerous studies have shown that green tea catechins have a preventative effect on several different type of cancer. Epigallocatechin gallate is responsible for these beneficial effects, but not only can this powerful antioxidant protect your body against cancer, it can actually binds to a protein found on tumor cells and dramatically slows their growth. Studies have show green tea to be beneficial for a range of cancers including testicular cancer.

The Maitake Mushroom
Maitake mushrooms have been noted in Japan for centuries for their ability to improve over all health.

Recent research appears to confirm maitake's ability to prevent tumour growth. The main active ingredient in maitake is a substance called D-fraction. This substance promoted the immune system to fight carcinogens and cancer tumours.

Numerous studies have shown that garlic may also be effective at preventing and reducing cancer risk. Studies have shown that garlic components can affect different types of cancer and different carcinogens, particularly prostate and testicular cancers.

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I have been experiencing aching from my R, larger testicle and it feel more rubbery, firmer but hard to tell for sure.Eating seems to aggravate it. How serious is this?
Curious George - 2-Feb-20 @ 2:30 AM
Hi,suddenly I having swallon/bloated testicals and it's very uneasy, left bladder also seems to be swallow and kinda painful too. Please kindly do advice me
Aloner - 26-Jan-20 @ 5:37 AM
Have a small mass that concerns me. Not experiencing pain as of yet though.
Yance - 15-Jan-20 @ 12:23 PM
Hi I'm having pains on my left testicles and its harder than the right ball. What would this mean?
the 8th wonder - 21-Jun-19 @ 6:39 AM
Hello Is there any update treatment for testicular microlithasis?? Thank you much.
Dr.Ali - 21-Jan-18 @ 1:41 AM
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