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Qi Energy Cured My Back Pain: Case Study

By: Sarah Knowles BA, MA - Updated: 11 Jun 2014 | comments*Discuss
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Alice Solomon, now 37, worked for years for various major investment banks. She should have been living the high life, but instead she suffered with such extreme back pain that it began to dominate her every waking moment.

“It started quite suddenly in 1998,” says Alice. “The doctor said it was most likely from lifting something incorrectly. Initially they told me to stay in bed and gave me Valium for the pain. It improved marginally but still I was in permanent pain. I just learnt to endure it.”

The pain was so bad that Alice had to walk up and down the tube platform on her way to work, as standing in one spot was too painful. During after-work drinks with colleagues, she regularly had to leave and take a short walk to stop her back from seizing up.

“Basically, I had a disc protrusion, or slipped disc,” Alice says. “Although the pain was in my back, there were times it was so overwhelming my whole body ached. It was affecting both my work and social life, and I had accepted I wouldn’t be able to hold my own child. At worst, I couldn’t even carry a pint of milk home from the supermarket.”

Other Alternative Treatments

Alice tried a host of various alternative treatments to relieve the pain, including Pilates, the Alexander Technique, yoga and reflexology, but all offered only temporary relief.

“When you're in pain, anything or anybody that can help reduce that pain brings you hope. But at the same time, the whole process wears you down and it’s easy to start thinking you’ll never get better,” she says.

“The pain would always come back, and none of the alternative treatments were a long-term solution. I now understand that they weren't addressing the root cause of the problem.”

Qi Energy

Alice was referred to a neurosurgeon, but the waiting list was long. In desperation, she tried one last treatment: Qi Energy.

The idea behind this alternative treatment is that the body's energy system is like an invisible skeleton, which holds and supports the body in place. When it is damaged or weak, the whole body is weakened as well. Even if the physical problem is corrected, it easily reoccurs because the area remains a weakness point.

“This concept of an energy system is the main idea behind the medical health system in the East,” Alice says. “And I found that my back got better only when I strengthened the energy system.”

Essential Energy to Function Better

Qi Treatment aims to recharge the body with the essential energy it needs to function effectively, and dissolve energy blockages that obstruct the natural flow of energy.

It is given by Qi Masters, who press on energy points around the body to stimulate the circulation of energy and remove deep-rooted tension and stress. At the same time, they emit a sound using their breath, which they say transmits energy and revitalises all organs and cells.

“I thought the Qi Treatment was very relaxing, though tender in places. It can be very vigorous, and was definitely different to anything I had ever tried before,” Alice says.

“The first improvement was to my energy levels. I felt more energised, and more positive and enthusiastic. I was able to deal better with the stresses of my job. It took a few treatments, however, for me to notice a difference to my back.

“Within a course of six treatments, my back started to feel lighter, looser and freer as the tension released and the pain diminished. It wasn’t just that the pain was easing; I could feel something deep in my back shifting, almost like it was releasing or opening.

"My overall health (vitality) improved as well. I joined the Qi Classes and this, combined with more Qi Treatments over the course of several months, saw my back get better and better and better and better."

Kept on Improving

Alice says her back just kept on improving, thanks to the treatments and classes. "I thought I felt great and that I was so much better, but then it would just get even better. One by one, things that I hadn't been able to do in life once again became possible, such as enjoying a picnic in the park, or carrying shopping home from the supermarket."

Alice now feels fantastic, and she says her bad back is a distant memory. She also feels mentally lighter, as before everyday life had been an effort.

“That person with a bad back is so far removed from the person I am now. I feel as though I am living life again - rather than just getting through each day.

“Before I hurt my back, I was very strong physically. I am now back to being that strong person again. I can go anywhere and do anything and I don't need to be thinking about my bad back anymore."

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