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Past Life Regression Helped My Relationship: A Case Study

By: Sarah Knowles BA, MA - Updated: 27 Jul 2012 | comments*Discuss
Past-life Past-life Regression Therapy

Some people decide to visit a psychiatrist, therapist or counsellor when they believe that something in their past is preventing them from acting the way they want in the present. They may have had a difficult childhood or an abusive adult relationship, and hope that talking it over with a professional can help them sort out their feelings and understand why they act the way they do.

Other people, on the other hand, believe they act in a certain way not because of experiences they suffered in their recent past, but in a past life. They believe that looking into their past life – or lives – can help them find answers pertinent to their present.

Uncovering Traumas

Uncovering a trauma in a previous incarnation, they say, can help them to understand why they are who they are today. So they visit what is known as a “past-life regression therapist”, who hypnotises or relaxes them to uncover the deep secrets they are harbouring from when they were someone else.

Proponents of this type of alternative therapy says it is incredibly liberating, and that it helps them to understand themselves better and move on. But its opponents say it is a complete waste of time, and that people who “uncover” a past life are actually inadvertently plagiarising parts of their current life, as well as relying on false memories.

If you’ve ever wondered about if you had a past life, then past-life regression therapy could be for you. Then again, it could be a big waste of time…

Audrey’s Story

Audrey, who doesn’t want her real name used, believes that past-life regression therapy helped her enormously. For almost three years she endured a relationship with a man who wasn’t good for her, but couldn’t break it off no matter how hard she tried.

Alan, she says, always put her down, both when just the two of them were doing something together, and in company. Most of the time he made her feel badly about herself, yet she just couldn’t find the strength to break it off with him.

“Alan was incredibly romantic when we first met, but within a few months some obvious cracks started appearing. He became domineering and controlling, and was acting really arrogant all the time,” she says.

“He’d be rude in restaurants to the staff, he’d put me down in front of other people, and he’d run hot and cold. And then, just when I was beginning to think all was lost, he’d be all sweetness and light.”

Visiting a Past-Life Regression Therapist

Then a friend suggested that Audrey visit a past-life regression therapist. “My relationship with Alan was getting worse, and we kept slipping into specific roles. We had started reverting into specific characters, almost like we were role-playing," she says.

"When I was with him I kept imaging we were in a country house or a stable. It was only when I was having therapy that I realised my imaginings were actually flashbacks,” she says.

Her therapist gave her a two-hour session, during which time she relaxed and found herself in a big manor house. Alan turned out to be lord of the manor, and she a lowly peasant girl.

“I was his mistress, someone he kept on the side when his wife was too busy for him. When he discovered I was pregnant, he threw me out. With nowhere to go, I eventually died.”

New Relationship

As a result of the therapy, Audrey eventually got up the courage to leave Alan. She realised that they just kept slipping into their historical roles, which seemed to be set in stone, and that there was no way she could break out of it. It was like history repeating itself all over again.

“The therapy changed not only my personal life, but my professional life as well,” she says. “I am now a past-life regression counsellor myself. My regression taught me how to say good-bye to Alan, and it gave me a new career as well.” She now also has a new relationship.

Sceptics of past-life regression therapy say followers should be wary, as false memories can often be traumatic and even harmful. But proponents say the therapy say it has revolutionised their lives, as Audrey can attest. Visiting a certified counsellor to help you deal with your past might be a better idea. You be the judge!

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