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Bio Resonance Therapy for Healthy Minds and Bodies

By: Sarah Knowles BA, MA - Updated: 11 May 2017 | comments*Discuss
Bioresonance Therapy Cells Body Natural

Many types of alternative therapies concentrate on the natural flow of energy that travels through our bodies. When a blockage occurs, the line of reasoning goes, we begin to suffer.

Bioresonance therapy seeks to restore the natural balance of energy by getting rid of those blockages. It predicates its theory on the idea that the cells in the body each have a natural resonance, and when that natural resonance is disrupted, then illness can occur.

Restoring the natural flow of energy in the body, and thus giving back cells their natural resonance, is the aim of this alternative therapy, which is relatively young. In fact, it dates only as far back as the 1970s.

The foundation of this alternative therapy, which is thought to be particularly effective to help people quit smoking, dates back to 1977. It began with a form of electromagnetic therapy that was invented by two German scientists, Franz Morrel and Eric Raschebut.

Their MORA-Therapie, which takes its names from the first two letters of each of the men's surnames, is the precursor to bioresonance therapy, seeking to restore an individual's harmonious and balanced cell oscillation using electromagnetic currents.

Typical Treatment

A typical treatment of bioresonance therapy begins with small electrodes being placed on the surface of the skin. These are harmless and designed to clear out energy blockages, through the electrical current transmitted through them.

A full course of treatment is completely painless and should last several sessions at least, as the first few treatments will point out where the blockages are, as well as start doing something about them.

This is done through data collected by a computer while the session is taking place, which helps to pinpoint where large blockages are so the practitioner can concentrate on areas that are considered more acute.

It also looks for any accumulation of dangerous toxins in the connective tissue between cells, which can impede them from doing their job correctly.

What Bioresonance Therapy Can Do

Bioresonance therapy is purported to be particularly useful for people who want to boost their immune system and rid themselves of chronic conditions that have been hindering their quality of life.

In particular, it claims that by getting rid of accumulated toxins in the body, it can help people who suffer from chronic allergies, and who have a build-up of bacteria in their body which leads to frequent viruses etc.

It is also purported to be immensely helpful for people who want to quit smoking. This is because it deals with the build-up of nicotine that has accumulated in the body over time, making the body healthier and getting rid of all nicotine cravings.

In fact, bioresonance therapy probably has enjoyed its greatest success with people who want to quit smoking, with some practitioners claiming to enjoy a 70 percent cessation rate after the first session.

Know Before You Go

Many people have found bioresonance therapy helpful, to help rejuvenate both their minds and bodies and give them a new lease on life. It has been shown to particularly effective in helping people stop smoking.

If you are interested in trying this type of alternative therapy to give up cigarettes, be aware that there are a few things you must do before you come in for a session. They include (although this will depend on the practitioner):

  • Drinking several litres of water per day for four days at least leading up to the session
  • Giving up coffee/caffeine for a week before the session – and four weeks after (it is thought that caffeine may start your nicotine cravings again)
  • Write down a comprehensive food diary for a week leading up to the session
Bioresonance therapy isn't for everyone. But if you have an open mind – and a strong addiction to nicotine, in particular – it just might work for you! Ask around to find someone who can recommend a good practitioner, and expect to pay up to £250 for a session.

While that may sound expensive, if it works think of all the money you'll save on cigarettes...

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My daughter is 5 years old and sufferring from celebral palasy. Is bioresonance therapy is helpful for her ?? Kindly sugest me as soon as possible.
Sk - 11-May-17 @ 6:37 PM
I never thought this will work so effectively. I was suffering from hurtburn and it was painful. Just read this and it worked instantlly.. wonderful guys.. Cheers R
Raj - 14-Apr-15 @ 1:50 PM
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