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Bach Flower Remedies

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 24 Apr 2015 | comments*Discuss
Bach Flower Remedies Bach Flower Bach

The innovation of the Bach flower was first developed in the mid 1930’s by a man named Dr Edward Bach who, using deep psychic and intuitive notions ‘communicated’ with plant matter, finding that their properties could be used to help heal the body and mind and created Bach flower remedies.

What is a Bach Flower?

There actually is no single flower named after Dr Bach, as the idea revolves around the idea that fluids and components of various flower be combined until the basis of a ‘remedy’ or potion is created.These derivatives are then diluted with water and alcohol drink brandy.

What Can Bach Flower Remedies Be Used For?

It is thought that Bach flower remedy can be used for a number of purposes for both humans and animals particularly domestic animals.One of the main purposes for the remedy is to treat minor injuries such as rashes, persistent itches, stings and grazes.

There is also a market for Bach flower remedy to be used for psychological disorders such as anxiety, panic attacks and agitation. These products are created to a different strength and consistency to those used for physical injuries and some people rely on them for use in an emergency situation as they can be kept easily in handbags or similar.

Who Can Make Or Administer Bach Flower Remedies?

Realistically anyone can attempt to make their own Bach flower remedies although they will not be licensed to sell their product to the public.There are some schools of training that aim to teach how to make these products and a certificate can be gained.There are also many naturopath and homeopaths that sometimes offer Bach flower remedies as part of their package of care.

What Does The Science Say?

There have been some clinical trials in the use of Bach flower remedy and testing whether it proves to be useful or not as it is now readily available in many supermarkets under a number of different names. Up to now there have been no conclusive findings that the remedy is any more effective than a placebo lotion.

Although the alcohol content in the product (if any) may help to clean a wound, it is still advised that a researched and proven lotion is used for in juries any greater than a minor graze to help prevent an infection from developing.If the remedy is to be used for burns or rashes, a creamy lotion may help to soothe to affected area, but again they are not advisable against proven medical products designed specifically for this purpose.

Like the other types of Bach flower remedy, those offered for psychological purposes have been found to be no more useful than a placebo although there is some thought that they may help on a less obvious level with the user as the reassurance may have benefits to mental health even if there are no actual physiological effects.

Bach flower remedies are natural products based on extraction and dilution of flower components. They can be used to help treat physical and psychological complaints but there is little scientific evidence to suggest how effective they are.The remedies should not be used in replacement of conventional medical interventions as these procedures and actions and all based on scientific evidence that has been proven.

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in reference to Jo Johnsons comments "Up to now there have been no conclusive findings that the remedy is any more effective than a placebo lotion" and "Like the other types of Bach flower remedy, those offered for psychological purposes have been found to be no more useful than a placebo" I would like to point out that Bach flowers are often used successfully on animals and plants. Animals and plants are not going to be affected by placebos now are they? I personally used Rescue remedy for my tom cat when he'd been beaten up & he recovered fast. I have friends who have used it on dying pot plants with success. And of course I often use the various Bach Flowers for a variety of psychological problems. I have used them with excellent effect on people who who did not believe they would work. I've used them for a woman suffering shock from a dog attack. She didnt even know what Bach Flowers were - she recovered before the ambulance arrived 20 mins later. I think when writing an article like this the author should check out the experiences of everyday ordinary people AS WELL AS the scientific evidence (or lack of)
Bean - 3-Jul-14 @ 7:40 AM
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