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Dianna said:
Thursday, 2 Feb 2017
A beginner, excited about the possibilities of essential oils. Originally introduced in Honduras years ago while on a cruise and thought I would learn more immediately. Now with the wonderful google and computer access information is available with a click. Just love it!
Robin said:
Thursday, 8 Sep 2016
Hi, looking forward to reading your newsletter. Thanks
Anonymous said:
Wednesday, 27 Jan 2016
Thank you for you site, comments, and commitment to safe and alternative wellness. cmills:)
Rana said:
Monday, 13 Jul 2015
I like your articles about alternative medicine. Thanks
Wednesday, 21 May 2014
Joanie said:
Thursday, 27 Mar 2014
Your site is abundant and generous. thank you.
Denise said:
Tuesday, 13 Nov 2012
Great information, thank you.
Patricia said:
Tuesday, 22 Mar 2011
This is the first time I have seen your website and have found it very informative.
Lisa said:
Friday, 12 Nov 2010
When my son showed me your website I was amazed that something like this was put out here for the public to use to change their condition is such great news. Thank you, for sharing a new way of living to better our Quality of life.
Tricia said:
Sunday, 18 Jul 2010
I have just found your site and looking forward to searching more of your information.
Sue said:
Wednesday, 19 May 2010
Great site to work my way round, not a puzzle at all.
Anderson said:
Tuesday, 11 May 2010
Very greatful.On a research study.
Allan said:
Wednesday, 28 Apr 2010
Great website full of information. I keep this website in my Favorites.
Sarah said:
Tuesday, 20 Apr 2010
Fantastic website, with lots of useful information!
Sarah said:
Tuesday, 16 Mar 2010
I have only just had a quick look at the site - I am at work - but it looks very interesting and informative.
Suvadeep said:
Sunday, 24 Jan 2010
Hi,yr concept is unik.plz sent me your newsletter.i m parcticing cosmetology and aroma ,trichology,.thanks
Tuesday, 19 Jan 2010
Great site, so much, of everything!! thank you!!!!!
Esterlina said:
Sunday, 29 Nov 2009
Very informative on the medicinal use of dandelion- I never thought how nutritious it is- to think ive got loads of it in the garden
Eloise said:
Tuesday, 20 Oct 2009
The articles I read were simplistically informative & quite helpful.
Olga said:
Wednesday, 7 Oct 2009
Very informative website.
Mike said:
Saturday, 26 Sep 2009
Like your site - very easy to follow and informative
Debbie said:
Thursday, 6 Aug 2009
I am new to the practice of Massage Therapy and look forward to your news letter for info and growth within my chosen field.
Tamilarasan said:
Saturday, 6 Jun 2009
The is site excellent, I get what I want, I do want some thing more. the natural medicine for spinal code injury please give some herbs and also with indian name,,,,, waiting
Jaine said:
Wednesday, 14 Jan 2009
Great website......only just found it! Will be really helpful for my reflexology.......thank you!
Allan said:
Wednesday, 12 Nov 2008
Great site and full of very useful information - I shall be back - thank you for I can see a lot of hard work has gone into this site.
Hannah said:
Saturday, 13 Sep 2008
I love this website! Thank you so much.
Franck said:
Thursday, 17 Jul 2008
I appreciate your work. Itis so informative and educative.Natural crops and plants have revealed that can save lives. Keep this work up and encourage people to make use of the information you have about natural remedies.
Alison said:
Tuesday, 20 May 2008
What an excellent and informative web site, thank you. Appreciated both as patient and practitioner ..... Look forward to receiving your newsletters, and I anticipate directing friends and patients to your web site.
Susan said:
Friday, 22 Feb 2008
I have been looking for information regarding alternative medication using remedies from plants as a safer option and have found your website to be most informative. Thank you.
Linda said:
Sunday, 23 Dec 2007
I make handmade soaps with essential oils - just as a hobby for friends n family. am impressed with your site. looking forward to receiving your newsletters! Hapy Christmas! Linda
Anand said:
Saturday, 14 Jul 2007
Very useful my life.good
Frank said:
Thursday, 7 Dec 2006
I would like to get the news on alternative medicine be e-mail, Thank you. Dr Frank
Saranya said:
Thursday, 7 Dec 2006
Please send your news letter as they are published Thank you, Saranya
Bonnie said:
Tuesday, 5 Dec 2006
I am interested in doing research on nutritionals and botanicals that help prevent and treat diabetes in particular. Thanks.