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Healing with Magnetic Therapy

By: Corinna Underwood - Updated: 3 Sep 2012 | comments*Discuss
Magnetic Therapy Biomagnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy has been used for centuries to improve health and well-being. According to Egyptian legend, Cleopatra herself wore magnetic bracelets and necklaces for healing purposes. Paracelsus (1493-1541) is considered to be the founding father of modern medicine. He also claimed that the body's life force could be influenced by magnetic forces.

More recently, magnetic therapy has become a major industry. In Europe, Russia, China, Japan and many other countries, millions of people continue to use magnetic therapy.

Today there is a growing magnetic therapy industry which produces a wide range of magnetic health products aimed at relieving many different illnesses. It s no longer merely a matter of magnetic bracelets, For example, you can now buy magnetic mattresses, to alleviate joint pain and insomnia, magnetic soles for shoes, which can heal painful foot problems, and magnetic pads and bandages which for the lower back, elbows and knees to help ease the pain from arthritic joints and inflamed tendons.

How Magnetic Therapy Works

All life exists within and responds to a magnetic field. Magnetic therapy provides the body with the necessary ingredients it needs to repair itself. Magnetic therapy is said to work by affecting the blood. According to biomagnetic theory our circulatory system functions under what is known as the 'north pole effect.' At its normal polarity the blood is oxygenated and functioning at optimum capacity to remove wastes and toxins from the body's tissues. When we are suffering form illness, or if the body is injured the North Pole polarity is switched to a South Pole orientation. Thos stimulates circulation and moves blood cells more rapidly to injured or affected areas, for the purpose of healing. However the body does not function well under a South Pole orientation and the body's natural pH balance becomes more acidic. During this acidic state viruses and harmful bacteria thrive. After the body has healed itself the polarity is supposed to revert back to the North Pole orientation so that regular activity can occur. This reversal may not always take place, and sometime the body remains in the South Pole orientation, leaving the system weakened and vulnerable to further illness.

The application of magnets is believed to be able to shift the polarity of the blood in an area of the body that is ill or injured and to allow the blood to work as it should, removing toxins and healing the site.

A significant study conducted at Baylor College to compare the effects (if any) between therapeutic magnets and fake magnets. The results were impressive. They showed that subjects who were using the therapeutic magnets had a significant reduction in pain levels, while the subjects using the fake magnets reported no reduction in pain at all.

Uses of magnetic therapy:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Healing fractures
  • Diabetic foot pain
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Osteoarthritis
Magnets are available as jewellery, shoe-inserts, self-adhesive strips, belts, and mattress pads.

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