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Time was when alternative medicine was largely regarded as a load of hogwash. These days many types of alternative medicine are considered to be well-established treatments, and some are even prescribed on the NHS.With this in mind, SafeAlternativeMedicine explores everything from acupuncture to dealing with morning sickness.
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Anti Ageing
Anti Ageing: Pilates to Keep Young and Supple, Mesotherapy: The Alternative to...
Aromatherapy: The Basics of Aromatherapy, Smelling to Get Well with Aromatherapy,...
Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Saliva Gland Stone - Can I Avoid an Operation?, Am I Taking Too Many...
Beauty and Skin Care
Beauty and Skin Care: Vitamin D And Sun Exposure, Strong and Healthy...
Case Studies
Case Studies: How Pilates Helped My Back Pain: Case Study, How Acupuncture Eased My...
Complementary Therapy
Complementary Therapy: Iridology as a Diagnostic Tool, Hopi Ear...
Heart Health
Heart Health: Preventing Heart Disease With Evening Primrose, How Garlic Can Help...
Helping with Cancer
Helping with Cancer: Antioxidants and Cancer Prevention, Mushroom...
Herbal Health
Herbal Health: Natural Healing with Dandelion, How Sea Buckthorn Berries Can Help...
Massage: Sports Massage to Enhance Athletic Performance, All About Indian...
Men's Health
Men's Health: Prostate Health: A Natural Approach, Alternative Therapies for...
Mental Health
Mental Health: Herbal Remedies to Treat Anxiety, Bringing Emotions to the Fore With...
Mind & Body Health
Mind & Body Health: Relieving IBS Symptoms With Alternative Medicine, How Chewing Gum Can...
Nutrition: The Benefits of Black Currants, Calcium Benefits, Benefits of Soy...
Sports Health
Sports Health: Cutting out Cramps and Stitches, Best Foot Forward, Aromatherapy...
Women's Health
Women's Health: Alternative Energy Medicine for Women, Sleep and Why You Need Your...
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  • SafeAlternativeMedicine
    Re: How to Blend Essential Oils
    Thanks for the kind comments @jackie.
    30 September 2014
  • jackie
    Re: Essential Oils to Avoid
    online class: aromatherapy 101 directed me to this awesome link. I appreciate this very much and will have to tell others to take this on…
    27 September 2014
  • jackie
    Re: How to Blend Essential Oils
    wow what a wonderful page to help newbies and experience aroma therapist make personal fragrances.
    27 September 2014
  • Bean
    Re: Bach Flower Remedies
    in reference to Jo Johnsons comments "Up to now there have been no conclusive findings that the remedy is any more effective than a placebo…
    3 July 2014
  • chipper
    Re: Herbs that Lower Cholesterol
    I take statins once a day to help combat high cholesterol but keep hearing scary reports about damaging side effects, such as…
    22 May 2014
  • loverofscents
    Re: How to Blend Essential Oils
    I found this information to be very helpful and a great reference guide especially with trying to understand the various notes.…
    18 May 2014
  • borda
    Re: Herbs that Lower Cholesterol
    i am cholesterol proplam. so what kind of use medicine
    10 April 2014
  • Mick
    Re: Essential Oils to Avoid
    My daughter has cerebal palsy and suffers from epilepsy. I was wondering if a citronella wristband could cause her to have a seizure if…
    23 January 2014
  • Dan
    Re: Flax Seed and Arthritis
    How to make normal bread from Flaxseed It seems that does not work and how much of the flaxseed can man eat
    3 January 2014
  • SanMan
    Re: How to Blend Essential Oils
    What a delightful quick reference page you have provided for us to blend our own oils! Thank you.
    26 November 2013
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